My family were thinking of me the other day when they brought me home a doughnut after a day’s shopping. How on earth did they know I’d like a doughnut?

They found an interesting one at Bakers Lane Ultimo, situated in the Merchants Of Ultimo ‘food collective’ in the Broadway Shopping Centre.

It’s a brioche with a custard filling. Quite nice if you like the texture of brioche.

Custard Brioche, Bakers Lane, Sydney's Best Doughnuts
Big, round, ball-like

This one has got to be the closest to an actual ball shape as I have ever seen. It’s big and round and firm… ‘bulbous’, to use a really ugly word.

The exterior is a little over cooked and so a bit tough. It’s covered in sugar crystals. The photos were taken after it had been through some travelling, so to be fair, it probably looked better in the shop.

Custard Brioche, Domnuts, Sydney's Best Doughnuts
How about a little more custard, guys?

The dough is brioche-style, light and airy and holds its shape when you bite into it.

The custard is light and creamy, not too firm and not too runny. I would like a little more custard.

Merchants of Ultimo