I love Italian doughnuts. I don’t think I’ve had one that’s disappointed me yet. And the one I got from Pasticceria Caruso, Menai was no exception. 

Pasticceria Caruso is in Menai Marketplace, just outside Woolworths where there used to be a Michele’s.

They have cannoli and they also have the Italian doughnut. Some people might call it a cannoli, but it’s not a cannoli. Most Italian bakeries would call it a zuccherati. There is a distinction.  

It’s doughnut-style dough wrapped around custard. 

The one I got from Pasticceria Caruso was a little bit different to the other zuccherati I’ve had. With this one, the filling was a cross between cream and custard. It was either the creamist custard I’ve ever had or the custardiest cream I’ve ever had. 

Perhaps I should just call it custard-cream. 

Regardless of the name, it was very nice. It tasted fresh and was full of flavour. 

It was coated in hard sugar crystals.

The dough was soft and airy, almost like panettone.

There aren’t many doughnuts to be had in the Menai end of the Sutherland Shire. So if you’re passing by, here’s your doughnut.

Apart from Menai, Pasticceria Caruso has outlets in Rhodes, Weatherill Park and Shellharbour.

Pasticceria Caruso