I wonder if the The Doughnut Mum at Warwick Farm was in a more prominent location, like smack bang in the middle of the Sydney CBD, would it be any different?

Would the doughnuts still be $3.50? Probably not.

Would they have the same range? Probably not.

Would they sell more doughnuts? Probably.

Mind you, it’s all hypothetical.

And it’s a totally irrelevant segue to talk about the doughnut The Doughnut Mum calls ‘Plain’.

The only thing plain about it is the name. If you like your doughnuts not too fancy, this is an excellent option.

The glaze is vanilla and I’m sure it’s home made. The doughnut itself is soft and spongy and rather delicious.

Anything but plain.

Krispy Kreme calls its doughnut that you’d most closely associate with The Doughnut Mum’s ‘Plain’ as ‘Original Glaze’.

If you compared The Doughnut Mum’s Plain Doughnut with Krispy Kreme’s Original Glaze Doughnut, I’m sure you’d choose the Plain.

Price is about the same.

But when it comes to size, flavour and quality, there’s no comparison. The Doughnut mum’s Plain Doughnut is a clear winner.

The Doughnut Mum

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