I was walking around Coles in Pyrmont one morning when the woman with the fresh doughnuts made an appearance. She roughly shoved as many packs of doughnuts into the shelf-space as she could. If she could have squashed more in, she would have, but there just wasn’t enough give in the plastic packs.

Anyway, the doughnuts were warm and fresh and colourful and they were whispering to me, “Buy us, mate, buy us”.

So I did.

There were six small doughnuts in my pack. Two chocolate, two pink and two yellow. For some reason, I always prefer yellow.

They all had sprinkles down one side.

I have never quite worked out why the half-coating of sprinkles is so visually important. Does it suggest that the sprinkles side becomes the top when you eat it?

My doughnuts were nice, despite being supermarket doughnuts. They are really meant for kids, but sometimes you’ve got to satisfy the inner child.

Just one word of advice – they don’t scrub up well after a day. Best consumed on day of purchase. Most doughnuts are like that, but these ones especially so – they were pretty dreadful the next day.

Coles, Pyrmont

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