Regular DomNuts reader and all-round good guy, Mark, tipped me off about a doughnut food truck that has taken up residence on Canterbury Road in Lakemba, called Obox.

Naturally, I had to go and check it out for myself.

Apparently, they opened on 20 December 2019.

They only open in the evenings from 6pm until 11pm.

When I got there at about 10pm on a Saturday evening, there were roughly 30 people sitting around enjoying their loaded doughnut packs and/or smoking hookas.

I noticed that next to the doughnut food truck was a truck called Shishahub, which hired hookahs.

I don’t really get the shisha/hookah thing. In fact I don’t really get why anyone would deliberately inhale anything into their lungs. Maybe it’s cultural. Maybe it’s a social thing. Maybe it’s a desperate need to appear accepted thing. Eating doughnuts is far better for you.

Anyway, packing crates acted as tables. Some had Jenga blocks on them. It all made an interesting scene. I was clearly the oldest person there, but no one seemed to mind that their space had been invaded by someone old enough to be their father.

Anyway, I ordered the Tim Tam loaded doughnut pack. It had a cute name, but I forget it. Other flavours included Oreo, white chocolate, Kinder Surprise, and the ubiquitous Nutella. The guy I ordered it from had bigger muscles than Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’m sure his muscles didn’t come from scoffing doughnuts.

It took about 10 minutes for my order to be made, but that was because they cook the doughnuts to order. So when I got mine, it was deliciously hot.

I went over to one of the packing crates to take a few snaps, and a guy politely brought me over a stool. I didn’t expect such hospitality. What a nice guy.

I got six doughnuts smothered in chocolate sauce and crushed Corinthians, and it came with a Tim Tam and a full Corinthian. And a fork and serviette. Somewhere along the line, some fine sugar was added too, because I saw it at the bottom of my pack.

As there was more crushed Corinthian than Tim Tam, perhaps a better name would be Corinthian Doughnuts with a Tim Tam.

I’m not sure what the Obox stands for, but I guess, breaking it down, the ‘O’ represents a doughnut, the ‘box’ represents the pack.

If you love freshly cooked doughnuts loaded with sauce, and you have no regard for your calorie intake, I think you’ll like this place.

It’s a food truck, not a shop, so I’m not sure how permanent it is. So get down there pretty soon.


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