Pulse Express is in the Cafe Court at The Star in Pyrmont. It’s described as a “modern and organic-focused cafe”. And they sell doughnuts. Not many, but some nonetheless.

They have a Nutella Donut and the one I got, a Raspberry Donut. I doubt that either is organic.

Now, I have to admit, I didn’t expect too much from this doughnut. In fact, I have passed by many times and thought, no, it’s going to be disappointing.

Then one day I talked myself into getting one. The conversation I had with myself wasn’t loud – it went on only in my head. After all, I don’t want everyone knowing I’m loopy. They have to figure it out eventually.

Anyway, back to the doughnut.

I cut it in half and noticed that the jam supply was concentrated at one end of the doughnut. Okay, minor problem. What about the taste test?

It wasn’t too bad.

One thing that struck me instantly was that the jam was actually jam – not fake jam – see my story about jam doughnuts actually containing apple puree.

The jam was quite good. Not too thick and not too runny, and had little seeds that proved it was authentic. Although it was a bit dark to be raspberry. And raspberries don’t have little seeds. So I guess it was actually blackberry jam.

The dough was very light and airy and yellow – almost like a brioche.

It was covered in a generous helping of soft sugar.

Often, with doughnuts like these soft ones, the outer shell is a little overcooked. But this one wasn’t.

So, all up, not too bad.

Pulse Express, The Star

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