While roaming around the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, I found a cake shop that seemed to be called the Queen Victoria Market Cake Shop.

When I googled it later, I couldn’t find it. After a bit of investigation, I discovered it’s actually called M&G Caiafa, which is the name of the owners.

According to their website, their speciality is a combination of a croissant and a cannoli. Interesting! I don’t remember seeing it.

I did see doughnuts, but they didn’t look like they were house-made. They looked very commercial.

Not knowing a solitary thing about this cake shop at the time, I thought that perhaps they ordered in all their cakes and sweets from other producers.

Exactly what they make themselves and order in, I have no idea to this day. Maybe they make everything themselves and they have simply perfected a recipe that appears commercial.

I don’t know.

The bottom line is that I didn’t get one of their doughnuts. I knew there were others around the markets to be had and I couldn’t try them all.

I like their website – it’s very low-maintenance.

M&G Caiafa, Queen Victoria Market

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