la lapa at South Melbourne Markets was an eye-opener. They had stacks of doughnuts. It’s amazing that they would sell so many doughnuts. And they all looked so, so good.

la lapa is just one stand among many at South Melbourne Markets. And they are pretty trendy because they spell their name without capital letters. The markets themselves are worth a visit. la lapa makes the visit worth it all the more.

They were busy, too. People were queuing for their doughnuts. And they were dishing them out pretty quickly.

Of course, the big decision is what to have? That’s one of the big problems with markets: you need to offer choice, but that only slows people’s decision-making down, and when there’s a queue, people turn away. But then again, if there’s a queue, people see that as a sign that there is something worth buying. What a conundrum!

Anyway, after agonising for several seconds over the choices, I got three doughnuts. The first being reviewed here is the Honeycomb Doughnut.

I have to point out that it didn’t have a distinctive honeycomb flavour. It just seemed to be the crumbled honeycomb on top that gives it its name.

It had a thick gooey custard in the middle which I guess was honeycomb flavour, but seemed closer to condensed milk.

It also had a thin layer of chocolate icing on top.

Don’t get me wrong, this was an excellent doughnut. And I’m very pleased I bought it.

If you’re in Melbourne, get to the South Melbourne Markets and visit la papa.

la lapa, South Melbourne Markets

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