Shearers Cook Bakery in Woolooware is a rarity.

Good old-fashioned bakeries like Shearers Cook barely exist in Sydney any longer. They have fallen prey to supermarket bakeries, Bakers Delight stores and Vietnamese bakeries. There are a few upmarket bakeries around too, but not many. Shearers Cook has withstood the pressure.

One of the things in its favour is its location.

It’s in a very small shopping mall with good exposure. Lots of people live nearby and would drop in for their bread and the occasional treat.

I thought I’d check out if they had doughnuts.

Almost straight away, I spotted some doughnuts. But…

…I could tell they weren’t made in the bakery. They were commercially made doughnuts. Such a shame.

I wouldn’t expect a small local bakery to make such a wide variety of things every day on their own. I’m going to guess that the company that supplies them with flour is probably also a commercial bakery that makes things that they sell instore. The doughnuts they sold are identical to ones I’ve seen in cafes.

Anyway, I still got a Passionfruit Doughnut, just to check if I was correct in my assumption.

Yep. After tasting that doughnut, I could tell it had all the hallmarks of being commercially made.

I’d love to have tried a doughnut made by the bakery. It comes down to business, I guess. And it’s not my livelihood on the line.

Hey, it was still nice.

It appears that Shearers Cook doesn’t have it’s own website, so I’ve given the link to their Facebook page, but even that looks pretty quiet.

Shearers Cook Bakery, Woolooware

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