What a dilemma.

Chocolate, caramel or pink?

I’m of course talking about the doughnut options at Coles at Pyrmont.

Well, pink is immediately ruled out on account of my beef-headed belief that real men don’t eat pink doughnuts.

And I had a chocolate one just recently.

Looks like it’s going to be caramel.

The caramel doughnut is the same as the chocolate doughnut, except it’s caramel.

And I guess the pink one is the same as the chocolate and the caramel, except that it’s pink and carries somewhat of a feminine doughnut aura.

And that just about gives you the full story.

I could go on about the soft and fluffy dough… and the smooth and sweet icing, but I’ve talked about all that in my post about the Chocolate Doughnut from Coles.

Same, but different.

So there you have it.

Coles, Pyrmont

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