When I arrived at Melbourne’s famous Queen Victoria Market, I did a quick scout around to see what doughnuts were on offer so I could choose what I thought looked the best.

It was a tough choice from a few options, but I went with Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses.

I liked the look of their Apple Pie Doughnut. It was a little bit different and I felt it was going to be the best they had.

After I bought it, I found a quiet bench and devoured it.

It was delicious.

It was filled with nice, sweet stewed apple, a lot like a McDonald’s Apple Pie.

The cream on top gave it another dimension – just like a piece of apple pie.

Here’s a note from their website about their doughnuts:
Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses have been working with our donut recipe for over 100 years and they still have lashings of the most delicious fillings like raspberry jam and creamy custard! 

I looked at the name, Ferguson Plarre, and wondered how it came to be half Anglo and half French. It turns out that there were originally two businesses that joined to form one. Apparently they go back as far as the 1800s. Nowadays, the Parre family owns the lot, having bought out the Fergusons a few years ago.

I just saved you half an hour’s reading. Which gives you more time to read DomNuts. Perfect!

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses

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