Some bakeries you stumble upon. Others, you hunt down. Doughboys on Bourke Street in the Melbourne CBD is one I hunted down.

I searched online for doughnuts in Melbourne, and Doughboys came up.

It reminded me a lot of Short Stop in Sydney’s Barangaroo district. The interior was similar, and the way they had their choices laid out was also similar. But I’m not aware of any relationship between the two.

They had a few doughnuts to choose from, and I had to make it a good choice as I knew this would be a once-only visit*.

I went with the French Toast Doughnut. I chose that one because I was going to share it wth my daughter who loves French toast.

Here’s Doughboys’ description of the French Toast Doughnut:
Maple double glaze w/ french toast crumbs & cinnamon snow.

My daughter and I agreed – it tasted nothing like French toast.

The glaze was more like vanilla.

The crumbles on top were stale toast.

It even seemed to have a bit of a chocolatey flavour.

The doughnut itself was nice – soft and chewy.

If they had called it something else, I’d have probably enjoyed it. But I just didn’t get the ‘French Toast’.

*I think next time I get to Melbourne I will have to give another of their doughnuts a try.

Doughboys, Melbourne

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