Apparently Woolworths are selling a new Oak Cinnamon Doughnut Flavoured Milk.

My friend and DomNuts devotee, KH, tipped me off.

The other tip-off is that it’s pretty awful. But, you know, I have to try these things for myself.

So I headed to my local Woolworths the first chance I had.

Firstly, I noticed that the packs of Woolworths doughnuts near the entrance had a sticker. The sticker read:
Grab an Oak Cinnamon Flavoured Milk Now in the fridge!

‘Now’!!! That sounds urgent. I better get my clacker over to the flavoured milk aisle quick smart.

There was a guy filling the milk fridge. I’ll have to come back later.

I went back later.

To my dismay, the all milks were full… except one. You guessed it. The Oak Cinnamon Doughnut Flavoured Milk.

But… the sticker said I’d find some.


The sticker lied.

I might never trust a sticker again.

Oak Cinnamon Doughnut Flavoured Milk at Woolworths