You know you’ll always get a good doughnut from Donut Papi in Redfern.

Sure enough, the Pineapple Doughnut I got was pretty good.

I love pineapple doughnuts, but no one seems to make them like they used to.

Donut Papi in Redfern

There were two types of particularly good pineapple doughnuts in the good ole days.

The first had a glazing that is like a syrup soaked into the doughnut. The closest to these are the ones made by Balfour’s that are available at BP service stations.

The other was one with a harder glazing and I’ve found similar, but not quite the same.

I love Pineapple Doughnuts

The famous Puffies Doughnuts that used to be in Roselands now only takes orders online. They do a good pineapple doughnut with glazing. They promote it as their biggest seller.

The one from Donut Papi in Redfern is also similar. The glazing is almost the same, but not quite.

In its own right, it’s a nice doughnut. Soft and light with plenty of flavour.

If you find a perfect modern day Pineapple Doughnut, let us know about it.

Donut Papi

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