Countdown in New Zealand is their version of Woolworths. Woolworths Australia owns it, but for some reason they have given it a different name and just about everything about the store is exactly the same as Woolworths in Australia.

Countdown in the Auckland CBD

I went to the Countdown in Victoria Street, Auckland one evening. Of course, I had to check out the variety of doughnuts.

These were just some of the single doughnuts available

By now, I had come to realise that Kiwis love their doughnuts. Subsequently, the supermarket in the middle of the Auckland CBD was stacked with doughnuts of different variations.

They had lots of packaged doughnuts

I didn’t get any because I didn’t think they looked good enough.

Not they were bad, it’s just that I was, as usual, looking for that exceptional doughnut made by a baker somewhere.

Countdown, Auckland CBD

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