If you flick through the stories on DomNuts, you’ll see plenty of articles on Donut Papi at Redfern.

They are one of my faithful doughnut shops on a list that is growing at the moment.

On a recent visit, I got a chocolate doughnut from Donut Papi.

I guess a Chocolate Doughnut is one of the standard doughnuts in life, the others being cinnamon, jam, pineapple and pink icing with sprinkles – the so-called ‘Simpsons Doughnut’.

The Donut Papi Chocolate Doughnut was pretty good. 

Of course, what is going to make it stand out is the chocolate icing more so than the dough.

The icing was hard and had a good flavour. The amount of sprinkles was probably just a little light, but you’re getting pretty picky about your doughnuts when you start counting sprinkles.

Donut Papi

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