I was tempted. Oh, so tempted. My eyes were almost as large as the giant doughnuts that rested sweetly in the display case of the Grand Mercure Cafe – Custom Lane.

I was staying in that hotel, and each morning I’d walk out and see those giant doughnuts.

Custom Lane – the cafe at the Grand Mercure, Auckland

But I couldn’t get one. I knew it would go to waste. I had always eaten too much, already having gorged on the delicious hotel buffet breakfast each morning.

The doughnuts were among the biggest I’d seen.

Them’s mighty big doughnuts

I’ve seen big ones in Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

I’ve seen big ones from the now almost defunct Doughnut Time.

And now, these monsters in Auckland.

I wonder who buys these giant doughnuts.

Are they people with giant appetites? People who see them as a challenge? Or kids with eyes bigger than their stomachs (I was one of those kids once).

I’m going to guess that the doughnuts weren’t too bad. The chocolate icing is obviously hard. The dough looks a little over cooked.

But still, wouldn’t it have been nice to gobble down one of those beasts?

Custom Lane, Grand Mercure Hotel, Auckland

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