These are the Easter Show doughnuts I didn’t try

There were quite a few places selling doughnuts at the Easter Show this year. I tried to be picky about the ones I bought and ones I chose not to.

The ones I chose not to fell into 2 categories:
– Doughnuts that were commercially-made, ie. made by one of the major cake producers who supply cafes, supermarkets and sandwich shops
– Doughnuts that were poorly made

A few coffee carts sold commercially-made doughnuts. I didn’t get any photos of those.

Then there were a couple of places that had commercially-made doughnuts that they ‘pimped’.

The Gelato Factory by Charlie – pimped commercially-made doughnuts

The Gelato Factory by Charlie sold lots of gelato, and you could get a doughnut with 2 scoops. This stand was incredibly popular. As their doughnuts were commercially-made, I didn’t try them.

Fried Oreos – pimped commercially-made doughnuts

I was nearly going to try this one. A doughnut with deep fried Oreos. Boy, if that’s not cholesterol on a plate I don’t know what is. So close. So tempting. But I felt it would be more about the Oreo than the doughnut. 

And these are the places I chose not to buy the doughnuts they made themselves.

Coffee Caravan

I loved the look of this old caravan turned into a coffee cart. But I didn’t like the look of their doughnuts. Made there, but made without care.

Bean Drinkin

Every one loves a business with a good ole pun for a name. Trouble is, whoever made these doughnuts must have taken the name too literally. These were very skinny and looked more like onion rings than doughnuts.

Granma’s Kitchen

I think Granma must have put these doughnuts in the dryer, because it looked like they shrunk. Too small.

If you got a doughnut from the Easter Show, let me know about it.