The school where I worked at the recent Australian Federal Election had the usual Democracy Sausage. No use having an election without a sausage sizzle.

They also had a cake stall, raising money for the school; and what a great cause – the delinquents of the future.

I thought, if only there was a doughnut in among all those homemade slices and chocolate crackles.

Good grief! There is!

Doughnut on election day

I thought it was a jam-filled cinnamon doughnut, but it turned out to be just a ball doughnut without filling. I always think those non-filled ball doughnuts are liars – you expect them to be filled, but it turns out they aren’t, and you don’t find out until half-way through it.

The lady selling them told me they came from some swanky inner city patisserie. She didn’t know which one. One of the parents got them and donated them to the cake stall. Bless those generous parents spending $5 on a doughnut that the school sells for $3.50. They’d have been better just donating the money to the school.

It was okay as far as doughnuts go. A tad too chewy, but it had been sitting in the sun for a couple of hours. Could have used some jam filling.

The United Australia Party Doughnut

I decided to call it the United Australia Party Doughnut, because one of the political commentators that night made a quote along the lines of: Clive Palmer spent $80 million on an election campaign and came up with a doughnut.

Clive Palmer and I both got doughnuts on election day.

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