As soon as I looked at it, I knew I’d regret it.

And I was right.

I was in Chatswood at 6am one frosty morning and there weren’t many doughnut options to be had. I rarely get to Chatswood, so I had to find something.

Cofi House Chatswood
Cofi House Chatwood

The Cofi House, located right near the train station, had a few doughnut choices – ones with Nutella, some with jam and some with chocolate icing.

Notice how Cofi House spells ‘coffee’. Very urban.

Cofi House Chatswood
Ooooh, they look a little over-cooked to me

The doughnuts with chocolate icing gave the game away first off. The icing looked very hard and the doughnut looked over-cooked. Was I doing the right thing?

I bit the bullet and went for a jam-filled doughnut and coffee.

My coffee wasn’t hot enough and the sugar wasn’t stirred through. We’re off to a bad start.

From the first bite of the doughnut, I knew I was right. This is the sort of doughnut that gives doughnuts a bad name.

Cofi House Chatswood
Now, what does this taste like?

Over-cooked. Somewhat stale. Awful jam filling.

Feelings of regret set in.

I fear some cafés choose cheap doughnuts over quality to lift the profit margin.

Surely Chatswood’s Cofi House can find better doughnuts than these.

Cofi House