Here’s one of those reasons I started this blog – to tell the doughnut-loving universe about these places… these doughnuts, because they are among Sydney’s best doughnuts.

Roma Capoccia
Roma Capoccia, Riverwood, babies welcome

Roma Capoccia is a restaurant/cafe nestled among some quality food outlets in Riverwood, which is not too far from Hurstville. The locals know these places well, but keep them a secret. They aren’t for those wanting fine dining. They are for people like me who like good honest well-cooked food at a fair price.

The owner of Roma Capoccia, Federico, has become a local identity, building his business based on cucina Roma with excellent food and service with a dash of cosmopolitan. Others around him have raised their own standards, and Riverwood is the winner.

Italian Custard Doughnut from Roma Capoccia, Riverwood
Italian Custard Doughnut from Roma Capoccia, Riverwood

I was one of his first doughnut customers. I spotted them in the window one day, these big, golden circles of mouthwatering deliciousness, and I couldn’t resist. My jaw had dropped. What were they doing in Riverwood, a place known for the every day?

My jaw dropping was a quite convenient because it made my mouth bigger and I could easily shove in an Italian doughnut.

Roma Capoccia
One of the other choices available – plain cinnamon

Roma Capoccia has a few doughnut varieties on offer, not to mention a few other Italian pastries. They are all baked on the premises. You won’t get them anywhere else.

On this particular visit, I chose the custard filled doughnut. Oh and is it delicious or what? Yes… yes, it certainly is.

The texture is perfect, airy but still firm like a good Italian doughnut. It’s coated in plenty of sugar crystals. It’s not too oily.

The custard is light and not too sweet. It’s a really good thickness, being between firm and runny. I think it’s the same custard they use in their cannoli, which are also available.

Italian Custard Doughnut
Yes, this is a wonderful doughnut

My family love these doughnuts too. If you get to Riverwood, Roma Capoccia is a must.

Roma Capoccia