Jamball Doughnut, Workshop Espresso, Gateway
Jamball Doughnut – a perfect doughnut

Found it – one of Sydney’s best doughnuts.

I don’t know where Workshop Espresso gets its doughnuts from, but whoever makes them and supplies them deserves a knighthood. These are among the best I’ve tasted.

What’s more, the service at Workshop is really good, really friendly, really efficient.

Workshop sells a good range of sweets, and does a pretty good coffee as well.

Workshop is located at Gateway at Circular Quay, in among a group of other food outlets.

Jamball Doughnut, Workshop Espresso
Workshop Espresso, good stuff all round

They stock a small range of doughnuts, and on the day I went I chose a Jamball. I’ve had doughnuts from there before, and I was looking forward to going back to try another.

The sign of a good doughnut to me is that the dough is tasty on its own, and doesn’t rely on the added sweet flavor, such as glazing, icing or jam. It’s like bread that doesn’t need butter and Vegemite. The doughnuts at Workshop hit perfection at its focal point.

Workshop Espresso, Gateway, Circular Quay
This is one damn delicious doughnut

The dough is a pale yellow, spongy, chewy, soft, delicious. A perfect yeast doughnut. Beware – if you have one of these, other doughnuts might disappoint you.

There is a generous amount of raspberry jam inside, which is not too runny – just the way I like it. The jam goes in your mouth, not on your shirt.

It has a good sugar dusting.

For doughnuts sake, try one of these from Workshop Espresso.

Workshop Espresso