Ever since the cronut burst onto the landscape of indulgence, I thought it was way over-rated. Oily, airy, can’t decide if it’s flaky or doughy, simply a way to get more money out of those wanting a doughnut.

And then I tried the Brewtown version – the ‘Brewnut’. This thing is magnificent.

Brewtown, Domnuts Sydney's best doughnuts
Not a big choice, but it’s oh so good

Brewtown has brought a bit of ‘Newtown hipster’ to the ‘inner city chic’ of Surry Hills. When I paid them a visit at the Crown Street cafe, they only had one flavour on display. So it was Blood Orange or nothing.

I also want to point out that the service was excellent. This is just minutes after the dreadful service I experienced down the road, which you can read about here.

The Brewnut has a bit of dried blood orange on the top, which I suspect is the only part of it that gives it its name. The pink icing is just pink flavoured, whatever that is.

The great thing about the Brewnut is that it has a surprise burst of runny salted caramel underneath the top layer.

Brewtown, Domnuts Sydney's best doughnuts
A combination of sensational flavours

I’m not sure what black magic they use to enable them to put a runny sauce where it is – but it makes a difference.

The Brewnut is also coated in sugar. Some may think it’s too sweet, so have it with a coffee and you’ll enjoy this delicious creation by the people at Brewtown.

Brewtown, Domnuts Sydney's best doughnuts
Brewtown Coffee Roasters, Surry Hills

Brewtown (website being updated as I write this)