Jam Doughnut @ McLaren Vale Bakery, McLaren Vale, South Australia

This is what I miss in Sydney – great old-fashioned independent bakeries like McLaren Vale Bakery. Nothing fancy, nothing audacious (using that word for the very first time in my life), nothing over the top. Just good old-fashioned pastries made to good old-fashioned recipes made by good old-fashioned bakers.

Simple. Delicious. Great value.

I say vale to bakeries like McLaren Vale.

Luckily for McLaren Vale, they still have a bakery like this. It is a fairly large bakery tucked to one side of a small shopping mall. The locals seem to know it because there was a non-stop procession of people coming in to buy bread and pastries.

They had plenty of doughnut choices as well as other goodies on display.

I went, as I often do, with a jam-filled doughnut.

I just had lunch, so I thought I’d eat it later. Subsequently, it didn’t travel too well. The icing softened up in the heat and stuck to the bag. You can see by the pictures that in the shop display case it looked a lot better than it did a few hours and a few kilometres later.

Despite the messed-up icing, how good was it?

“That’s a bloody good doughnut, dad,” said one of my daughters.

“Impeccable,” said my other daughter… using that word for the very first time in her life.

The jam tastes a lot like that which you get in a typical Chelsea bun – and I love Chelsea buns. It was lovely and smooth.

An excellent doughnut.


McLaren Vale Bakery, McLaren Vale, South Australia