In some sort of glorious synergy, Australia’s National Doughnut Day fell on my birthday this year… no kidding.

National Doughnut Day should be hailed up there with Australia Day, the Queen’s Birthday and Shrove Tuesday. Great days to celebrate. How could we do without them?

My daughter bought me a giant doughnut from Doughnut Time.

The last time I saw a giant doughnut was at Universal Studios, Los Angeles. I was in the gift shop in ‘Krustyland’, the Simpsons themed area. The only doughnuts they sold were giant ones.

Krustyland Doughnuts, Universal Studios, Domnuts
Krustyland Doughnuts, Universal Studios

Back in Sydney, and the one I got looked a little bit worse for wear, because my daughter had been carrying it around with her on a day’s shopping. Doughnuts simply aren’t designed to be transported. However, if you believe in ‘presentation is everything’, then you’re letting your eyes do the eating.

This one is about 17cm in diameter. I think it was created to celebrate National Doughnut Day, so I’m the winner.

Doughnut Time Doughnut, Domnuts
I had to re-build the icing

A 17cm doughnut… that’s a lot of doughnut. How can one person eat an entire 17cm diameter doughnut? “It can’t be done,” they say.

I proved them wrong.

Doughnut Time