What a month! I have barely caught my breath with all that celebrating going on.

It’s been 30 solid days of doughnuts galore at DomNuts Central, not just consuming doughnuts of all shapes, sizes, fillings and qualities, but also researching further afield for more doughnuts to report on, because the doughnut world is dynamic. It’s an ever-evolving orchard of flavours and tastes. It’s like staring up into the sky and seeing an endless canvas of starry doughnuts that are yet to be discovered.

Having said that, look out for some reports in the not too distant future on doughnuts from outside of Sydney as I embark on a spot of travelling. I can’t wait to see what some of the underling cities of our country serve up under the ever-broadening banner of ‘doughnut’. Could I stumble upon Australia’s best doughnut? Let’s wait and see.

To my friend Doughvember, it’s another 11 months until again we meet.