Apple and custard – now, there’s a dream team. So LA Donuts at Beverly Hills created the Apple and Custard Doughnut.

Not to be confused with a ‘Custard Apple’ doughnut – I’ve never seen one of them. (Custard Apple is a fruit, also known as Cherimoya – which is something I just discovered)

LA Donuts likes to create something new and special, but the Apple and Custard Doughnut is one of their regular choices.

It’s pretty good too.

It’s got a drizzling of caramel on top with a dusting of soft sugar.

The stewed apple and custard probably aren’t homemade, but commercially supplied.

Nonetheless, as with all the doughnuts from LA Donuts, it’s most enjoyable.

LA Donuts at Beverly Hills is open crazy hours – and by that I mean early in the morning until late at night – sometimes 2am! Do these people sleep?

LA Donuts

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