Do you want a good doughnut in Tuggerah?

Forget it.

Your only options are the supermarkets and a couple of Donut King outlets. And I don’t rate Donut King doughnuts. They’re for kids and seniors.

Tuggerah, in case you don’t know, is on the beautiful New South Wales Central Coast. It’s less than a half hour drive from Gosford. There’s not much to Tuggerah but a train station and a Westfield. It’s a big Westfield, but as with retail generally in Australia, the place is empty.

I walked around the Westfield to see what there was in the way of doughnuts.

Firstly, my story on Poppy’s Pretzels will be posted soon.

As far as doughnuts go, there are two Donut King outlets in Tuggerah Westfield.

I didn’t buy a doughnut at either of them. I don’t buy Donut King doughnuts.

I guess the supermarkets would have the usual boxes of cinnamon and iced doughnuts, but I didn’t have a look.

I looked in every single cafe and none of them had doughnuts.

So I’m afraid that if you’re going to Tuggerah for a good doughnut, you’l be sorely disappointed.

Westfield Tuggerah

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