These days a trip to Circular Quay also means a trip to Baked & Co.

Baked & Co. is a fairly new chain of bakeries/cafes popping up around Sydney. At the time of typing this, they have 6 outlets.

I last visited the Baked & Co Circular Quay store about 5 months ago. So it was time to see where they’re at in the doughnut department.

Sadly, their doughnut range was somewhat reduced.

The first thing I noticed was that their freshly made hot doughnut holes were gone. They used to make them on the spot and gave them to you in a cup with custard poured on top. It was all gone. (See image above, the hot doughnut servery used to be on the left).

Next I noticed that their range of pre-cooked doughnuts was a lot smaller than when I was last there. Last time, they had quite a few different ones – I got a Watermelon Sherbet Doughnut. Before that, a Raspberry Doughnut with a real raspberry on top.

This time, they only had three different ones – Nutella, Custard and Jam, the latter being of an undisclosed flavour. Each had a nice blob of the filling sitting on top.

I opted for the Custard Doughnut.

After I placed my order, the guy shoved it into a paper bag and handed it over. Instantly, the blob of custard on top became a mess smeared on the inside of the bag, ruining all efforts of presentation, and meaning either I had to scrape the custard from the inside of my bag or forgo having that part of the custard. Imagine getting a pizza in a paper bag and all the topping sticking to it.

So the young guy who served me either had no idea about general custard chemistry and the laws of cohesive and adhesive forces, or he didn’t give 2 stuffs that my doughnut was partially destroyed. I’m betting on the latter.

Caring doughnut places will give you a little box to preserve the effort of presentation that the doughnut creator has gone to. I know that’s environmentally worse than a small paper bag, but we’re talking doughnuts here and that means we’re above any arguments about climate change.

All those things aside, I have to say that the doughnut wasn’t the best. The custard had a strange taste to it, almost a bit sour.

I won’t give up on the place. But they need to lift their game.

Baked & Co, Circular Quay

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