I’m thrilled to have found this new doughnut place at Circular Quay.

The area has been screaming out for a decent doughnut joint, and Baked & Co. seems to have filled the void. There are quite a few ice-cream shops, and doughnuts have been sorely neglected in the highly tourist area. Until now.

Baked & Co., located where Zumbo used to be in the Gateway shopping mall, make their own doughnuts instore. They are always fresh and delicious.

Baked & Co, Gateway, Circular Quay
Baked & Co, Gateway, Circular Quay

They also do small doughnuts freshly fried in a cup with your choice of toppings. I’m going to have one of them before too long.

I decided to celebrate National Doughnut Day by going to Baked & Co. and seeing what they had to offer on the day.

Just look at those glorious doughnuts

There didn’t seem to be any acknowledgement of National Doughnut Day, but they did have a doughnut I had never seen anywhere before – a Watermelon Sherbet Doughnut. I had no choice but to buy one of those.

It had green icing with a candy watermelon on top.

Inside was a generous amount of thick, gelatinous watermelon jam.

For what it was, I quite enjoyed it. The dough was fresh, soft and tasty. The watermelon jam made it unique. While it was worth trying, if it’s a standard in their range, I probably wouldn’t get it again.

That’s watermelon jelly jam oozing out

They don’t appear to have much of a web presence, and this could well be the first review available.

I’ll point out it’s ‘Baked & Co’ (not to be confused with another company called Bake & Co).

Baked & Co.