I’ve done one previous post about this new place, Baked & Co., at Circular Quay in the Gateway shopping mall. I like it.

Baked & Co on Alfred St, Circular Quay, right near the Light Rail mess

Not only do they have loads of fresh doughnuts, they also have some nice looking savoury things, like burek.

On this occasion, I got a Raspberry Doughnut.

They usually have more doughnuts than this

When I bought it, it had a raspberry on top, but by the time I went to eat it, about two minutes later, the raspberry had sunk into the hole in the middle. Maybe they need to re-think that part of things.

They make freshly fried cups of little doughnuts

The doughnut was delicious. The dough was lovely and soft, easy to chew through and it gave the jam a good balance.

Hey, my raspberry is in there somewhere

The jam was not too sweet and tasted unique enough to not taste like it was out of a huge tin from Costco.

Baked & Co. is quickly turning into one of my favourite places in Sydney for a doughnut.

Baked & Co.

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