Hudsons Coffee (there’s no apostrophe in Hudsons) began in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne in 1998.

They say that they were a ‘marketplace disruptor’ by being the ‘first coffee store to offer consumers a takeaway cup in different sizes’.

They also say they ‘fast became the leading Australian coffee company’. Interesting claim.

Also interesting is that they always refer to themselves as a ‘coffee store’. The word ‘cafe’ is not anywhere in their communication pieces.

Apparently there are 100 Hudsons Coffee stores (franchises) in Australia.

According to their website, in Sydney, they only have stores in hospitals and airport terminals, plus one lone outlet in an office block in Parramatta. But I think that is out-of-date because I believe they have started putting stores in shopping centres.

They also have stores beyond Australia. I remember seeing one at Auckland Airport.

I saw this one at Melbourne Airport.

Anyway, they have doughnuts, but I didn’t get one.

End of story.

Hudsons Coffee

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