I need to be upfront here, because this is a first. The product I’m reviewing was given to me free of charge. However, it wasn’t for the purpose of receiving a good review – it was purely an act of generosity as a prop for an event.

Okay, disclaimers over…

I got balloons from a Sydney party balloon supplier called Up All Night Balloons.

Firstly, what a great name – Up All Night Balloons. Provocative, cheeky, appropriate.

The event in question was a first anniversary, so they gave me balloons that spelled out O N E. The O was a doughnut. Very clever, working a doughnut in with the event. They know where my heart lies.

The balloons were good, too. They were helium-filled, and anchored to the floor with light weights.

The doughnut matched the other letters so it all appeared quite seamless.

And, true to their name, they stayed up all night.

The balloons were a real eye-catcher. Big and unmissable, they gently moved and revolved throughout the evening.

So if you need balloons for a party or other event in Sydney, you know who to call. They deliver, up and ready to impress.

Up All Night Balloons
Email: upallnightballoons@outlook.com
Ph: 0410 773 621

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