When your wife is an ex-travel agent who still loves to explore the many nooks and crannies of the travel industry, you end up with some excellent perks. These are perks gained fairly and honestly from research and good timing.

Anyway, when we went to Melbourne, we stayed at the beautiful Pan Pacific Hotel and had a grand view of the city and the Yarra River. We also had free breakfast daily and full use of the executive suite.

The breakfast in the hotel’s Cafe Orr (or is it called Dock 37) included a selection of pastries with, you guessed it, doughnuts.

They were mini doughnuts. Round, filled, mini doughnuts.

One morning, the doughnuts were filled with Nutella. On the other mornings, they had a thick caramel filling.

They were no doubt commercially made, but it was nice to see doughnuts among the danishes.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Pan Pacific.

Pan Pacific, South Wharf, Melbourne

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