A long, long time ago, you know, about 18 months, I had a doughnut from Workshop in the Gateway shopping centre in Circular Quay. I loved it and vowed to go back and get another soon.

Mmmmm. What a doughnut

Finally, I got the chance.

Workshop Espresso has more than just excellent doughnuts

I got a Salted Caramel Doughnut.

Actually it looked a bit like a cronut. I wondered if it was a cross between a cronut and a doughnut. That’s pretty interesting since a cronut is already part doughnut. Could this be three-quarters doughnut?

Light, fluffy… I can’t believe it’s a doughnut

Even as I ate it, I wasn’t convinced it was 100% doughnut.

The texture was very light and fluffy and oily and incredibly delicious. It was the sort of thing I didn’t want to finish, but keep on going because I enjoyed it so much.

Gee, it was good.

I’m pleased to say the staff were smiling and friendly while I was filming.

Ummm – it’s a bag

Workshop Espresso, Gateway Shopping Centre, Circular Quay

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