Waffle Popz sells heaps of waffles. They also sell lots of churros.

Waffle Popz is a street food truck that popz up here and there (I hope you noticed the pun). I saw them at Vivid at The Rocks/Circular Quay among the many other food trucks, right near the Overseas Passenger Terminal.

Waffle Popz at Viv… hang on, what’s that guy doing up the top? And what’s he holding?

I got some churros. More specifically, someone else got some churros and I tried them.

Glowing purple churros – it was Vivid

They were super crunchy. Sweet, crunchy, delicious.

I like churros, but I must say, I prefer doughnuts. If someone gave me the choice, I’d definitely go with a doughnut.

Having said that, plenty of people were going with churros at Vivid. They also sold lots and lots of waffles. But I prefer churros to waffles. If someone gave me the choice…

Waffle Popz

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