The Z Energy service stations in New Zealand call their food area Z Espress. The name, Z Espress, adds another layer of confusion to the correct spelling of ‘espresso’, which many people incorrectly spell ‘expresso’.

Anyway, grammar nazi issues aside, I wanted to see if the servo doughnuts in New Zealand were better than the ones in Australia.

Z Energy, Auckland

I got petrol at Z Energy in Auckland just before taking my hire car back to the car hire joint.

Their doughnuts didn’t look too bad. I still didn’t get one. They were commercially made and the icing looked plastic.

I have an issue with the way they are presented.

Servo doughnuts must be the same everywhere

Like Australia, they are in a cabinet that anyone, including grubby flu-riddled tradies, can open and cough all over.

I’m not very happy about that.

As well as being a grammar nazi, I’m also a germaphobe.

It’s a tough life.

Z Espress, Auckland

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