I spotted a ‘Doughnut Detour’ sign in Auckland as I was returning my hire car.

I sat in the car for ages, wondering: What is a Doughnut Detour?

Where will the detour lead me?

Will I just go around in endless circles? Or will I be taken via a shortcut to a doughnut store?

Why was the sign in the drive way of the car rental place?

And why was there a random shopping trolley placed directly under it? Was it there to transport the doughnuts once the destination of the detour was reached?

I really wanted to know. I’ve never seen a Doughnut Detour sign before. I would have followed the arrow, but a glance in that direction told me that there was nothing terribly interesting there.

I did a search on the internet and all I found were American stores calling themselves Detour Doughnuts.

I also found this next picture, but I think it’s just someone who happened to find the same sign I did.

I also found another ‘Donut Detour’ sign, but clicking on it led me to an abandoned website.

So the mystery remains – what is a Doughnut Detour and why was the sign where it was?

Doughnut Detour – Auckland New Zealand