The Mie Goreng doughnut seems to be a bit of a fad right now! I’ve spotted it at a couple of other places, but I haven’t tried it before.

I don’t really think I’d eat one on its own, but on a burger, I’m willing to give it a go.

Milk Bar by Cafe Ish
The specials board

Milk Bar by Café Ish had a limited edition burger topped with a Mie Goreng doughnut, and something deep within me, call it curiosity or call it hunger, moved me to try it.

It was called the Mie Oh My Burger – quaint name.

It was interesting. I don’t eat many burgers but the burger itself was good.

The Mie Goreng doughnut was okay and certainly worth a try. It was soft and had a mild spicy tang to it. It went well with the burger. The noodle effect was there but I didn’t really feel like I was eating noodles. If you look at the picture below of my half-gobbled burger, you might get what I mean.

Mie Goreng Doughnut
So ugly but also so lovely

The Sriracha Aioli gave it a bit of liquefied help like a good dressing should.

Although it was a limited edition, I’d be surprised if Milk Bar by Café Ish didn’t bring it back from time to time.

Milk Bar by Café Ish