You can’t buy doughnuts with socks on them. And I want to know why.

Believe me, I’ve tried. I went into a store that had doughnuts with sprinkles, marshmallows, freddos, brownies, bacon, T-bone steaks, knives, forks, kitchen sinks and something that tasted like old boots. But no socks. Why?

Clearly, you can buy socks with doughnuts on them – Doughnut Socks.

To be honest, I’m not into the colourful happy sock thing. It’s either black or black for me. The less attention drawn to my socks the better.

However, I do like these socks.

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Shame about the strapline… “There’s no secrets here”. Dreadful grammar.

Mortdale 1

The socks are made in China for Gibson Gifts (aka Gibson Importing), who have a fairly quiet online presence. Perhaps they are a bit more open if you are a retailer with a login. They do say that if you want any info, you need to contact a Gibson Rep. I guess their strategy is working. I’ve spotted these socks as far afield as Apollo Bay in Victoria and Mortdale in Sydney, and that’s without hunting for them.

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They have a Facebook and Instagram page with lots of corny one-liners about their socks… “You’re one in a melon”, “Pine style”, stuff like that.

According to their website, the doughnut socks are among their Spring/Summer 2017 range. Their website also tells me that apart from their poor grammar, they can’t spell ‘fuchsia’.

If you’re into socks that make your feet look, but not necessarily smell, happy, be sure to track them down. But don’t rely on their website to help you.

And if you hear of anywhere that sells doughnuts with socks on them, please let me know.

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