Dr Dough, Potts Point
Inside the Doctor’s Surgery

Here starts reviews of several doughnuts from Dr Dough, a diner in Potts Point (really Kings Cross). They make their own doughnuts as part of the American-style food in which they specialise.

I went for dinner one evening. It’s a big diner. The music was offensive. Do people really want to listen to that while munching on a burger?

There are plenty of options on the menu, and I’m not just talking about food. Some of the beverages sound very good and offer a unique twist on the otherwise standard fare.

My burger came with a pink bun. A bit weird, but I ate and enjoyed it nonetheless.

Dr Dough, Potts Point, DomNuts
A pink burger bun? Really? What will they think of next?

My drink was a bit disappointing. Pineapple, mango, banana tea shake. All I could taste was the banana, which was that fake banana flavouring you get in banana lollies and banana milkshakes. I thought they’d do better than that.

Dr Dough, Potts Point, DomNuts
Take your pick, but keep your options open.

I chose from the doughnut menu the ‘Marshmallow Matters’. Sounded good. But… I’m told I can’t have that – not available.

So I went for the ‘Lucky Dip’ – which is like the surprise doughnut of the day. The waiter said it was a ‘Golden Oldie’ – which has caramel and toffee topping, fine cookie crumbles and very thin strips of chocolate ganache. The Golden Oldie wasn’t listed on the menu, but it sounded good.

Dr Dough, Potts Point, DomNuts
Presenting the Golden Oldie

I will point out that they do change the doughnut menu from time to time. On their website, they show a good selection of doughnuts, but it looks like most are from another era.

The doughnut was very soft, light and cake-like.

It wasn’t sickly sweet, which is good.

The topping was soft, not icing that’s hard-set.


You can get these doughnuts delivered. Could be just what the doctor ordered.


Dr Dough