You simply don’t see mini doughnuts these days. And I can understand why. They must be a lot of work for not much return. Putting icing on those little things must be a cow of a task. And then being so precise with the sprinkles – it would take a jeweller to decorate one.

So you could say it’s a bit of a surprise to see minis at Puffies! at Roselands.

Puffies! is a doughnut shop that gives me good reason to pop into Roselands. Roselands, if you don’t know, is one of Australia’s oldest shopping centres.

The minis are sold in boxes of 12. I chose a box with all 4 flavours.

Puffies! Minis, Roselands
Do they look great, or what?!

Each doughnut is 4.5cm to 5cm in diameter – important information so we know where we stand when we describe them as ‘minis’.

They are cake-style doughnuts in true Puffies! fashion.

Of course, these are designed for the kids. Four kinds of lip smackin’ goodness. 12 mouthfuls of joy.

The danger is if you’re an adult, they fit easily into your mouth and before you know if you’ve scoffed the lot. I suggest sharing them.

Puffies! Roselands
Loads of Minis at Puffies!