As I said in an earlier post, I had heard that San Antonio Sourdough Bakery on Burton does cronuts. So, I went back to get one.

No luck. Not cronuts in sight.

No cronuts, crowbars, crow’s feet or even just plain crows.


Lesson learnt – don’t believe anything you read on the internet.

San Antonio Sourdough Bakery
Stone the crows – no cronuts

So, I decided to have a brioche. It was cheap enough.

San Antonio Sourdough Bakery
Resisting the urge to include innuendo

Not a lot here to report.

It’s nice, typical brioche, light and airy, firm shell, sugary glazing… if you like brioche, this is a good one.

You can see by the photo that the glazing fell off a bit. I suppose they use an egg wash to help the sugar adhere, but shards fall off. I’m not complaining, just pointing it out as a characteristic.


San Antonio Sourdough Bakery on Burton is good quality. If they had a bigger doughnut range, I’d be very happy. And maybe stock some of those elusive cronuts.


I’d give you a link to their website or Facebook page but it seems inactive.

San Antonio Sourdough Bakery on Burton