You know that feeling when you bite into a really fresh bread roll or hot cross bun and the act of chomping down on it makes it shrink to half its original size? And you feel disappointed because it looks like you’ve got far less roll/bun than you started with but also elated because it means it’s really fresh and delicious.

That’s what happens when you take that first bite of a doughnut from Milk Bar by Cafe Ish.

Snickers Doughnut, DomNuts
One does not snigger at this Snickers Doughnut

Milk Bar by Cafe Ish is an unassuming outlet, just a quick walk from Redfern Station. It calls itself a retro cafe where most people seem to come for the burgers.

I had to use a machete to cut through the incredibly loud music and reach the counter. I’m sure the staff must suffer from industrial deafness.

The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish, DomNuts
The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish, Redfern

I chose the Snickers, but it was a tough choice from quite a few tempting options.

As said, it soft and delicious, a very good yeast doughnut. And they give it to you in a little box rather than a paper bag – though a bit environmentally unfriendly, it shows they care about their doughnuts.

Although it has chocolate, nuts and caramel, it’s a far stretch to call it a ‘Snickers’ doughnut. The nuts are crushed differently to what you find in a Snickers. The caramel is more creamy and runny than the gooey caramel in a Snickers. And it’s covered in dark chocolate rather than the milk chocolate of a Snickers. What’s more, no Snickers I’ve ever had, and I’ve had millions, has ever been covered in chocolate sprinkles.

Snickers Doughnut, Sydney's Best Doughnuts
Nice presentation

Don’t let the misleading name put you off, I thoroughly enjoyed the doughnut.

So give it a go – BYO earplugs.

Milk Bar by Cafe Ish