I gave in, I really did. I had no intention of getting a Woolworths doughnut. But I walked past the display case, saw them and succumbed.

It was the ones with pink icing that caught my attention. They were bright and shiny, radiating a gleam like that of a car in the showroom you can’t afford.

But pink?

A man does not simply walk around eating a doughnut with pink icing. So I went for the more masculine custard filled doughnut with caramel icing.

By the way, these are one of Sydney’s cheapest doughnuts.

Woolworths Caramel icing doughnut with custard filling
Woolworths Caramel icing doughnut with custard filling

I know it was probably one from ‘Bob & Pete’s’, aka ‘100% Yum’, aka ‘Yum’, aka ‘Barclay St Bakery’, although I couldn’t find this particular doughnut among their online selection. Bob & Pete’s supply doughnuts to cafes and shops all over Sydney – in fact they are probably the largest suppler of doughnuts in Sydney – from my observation, even larger than Krispy Kreme and Donut King. Woolworths usually keeps doughnuts in ‘Barclay St Bakery’ packaging.

Which brings me to a side point. If you get a Barclay St Bakery branded doughnut, it’s in a cardboard tray and wrapped in plastic – not very environmentally friendly, but I understand the need to keep things in good condition and packaged hygienically. But if you want just one doughnut from Woolworths that’s not in the packaging, you have no choice but to use a piece of thin paper to pick it up, then place it in a huge paper bag with a clear plastic window. I wish they could provide some smaller bags for those of us who just want one item from the pastry selection. Maybe it’s one of those tricks supermarkets use to get us to buy more.

So how was my cheap masculine caramel icing doughnut with custard filling in the over-sized bag?

Woolworths Caramel icing doughnut with custard filling
The circle of life

It was okay, but it left that unmistakable aftertaste in my mouth that you get from mass-produced food.

The custard was not too sugary, but the icing sure made up for that. And there could have been more custard.

Perhaps I should have swallowed my masculine pride and gone for the pink icing doughnut.

Woolworths Caramel icing doughnut with custard filling
My photography wasn’t exactly on-song that day

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