Crown St Grocer
Crown St Grocer doughnuts, but good luck getting your hands on one

I don’t want to do this, I really don’t. But I feel it’s my duty to explain how I was just inches from doughnuts at Crown St Grocer but was unable to buy any.

I walk past the door – there are doughnuts right there in the first display case I see. There’s a girl behind the counter. Does she look up? No. She’s staring at something. Whatever it is, has her undivided attention. She barely blinks. She stares intently. I wait until she’s finished staring, but it goes on.

Should I ask for her attention? I don’t. I let her continue staring. She does.

I walk out and wander up the road, checking out other cafes and eateries, but all are doughnut-free. So I give Crown St Grocer another go. The doughnuts are still there but the girl is gone. I could walk out with half the store in my bag and no one would be any the wiser, but all I wanted was a doughnut.

Crown St Grocer
Is it surprising that there is no one there?

I walk inside the store. There are now two girls behind a different counter; the girl from before and a new one. The first one is staring at something else. She doesn’t move. Her eyes never look up. The other one is spooning something into something else. It’s far too attention grabbing for her to look up as well. Neither girl makes eye contact with me, even though I pass directly in front of them.

I leave. I have no doughnut.

I walk 200 metres down the road to the Brewtown Coffee Roasters cafe where I receive excellent service from the moment I walk in.

One is chalk, the other cheese.

Crown St Grocer