I used to get my coffee from the Quick Brown Fox cafe in Pyrmont just about every morning. But after a while, I realised they weren’t that friendly. With all the cafes in Pyrmont, there had to be one that would smile, say hello and remember my name and coffee. I quickly found one.

But back to Quick Brown Fox, I noticed they started selling cronuts. I knew right away that they weren’t making them themselves, but ordering them from a supplier. But I still felt that I had to try one.

They had 3 options and I got the ‘glaze’ one, which I guess is vanilla glaze.

Major disappointment.

It’s cronuts like these that turned me off cronuts ages ago, and it wasn’t until I tried one from Brewtown Newtown that I realised how good a cronut can be.

The main issue the the one from Quick Brown Fox is that I doubt it was fresh.

Chewing on the pastry was like eating a pizza box. It just felt wrong. What should be light and oily was more tough and rubbery.

Maybe Quick Brown Fox holds onto their cronuts a bit too long. Maybe they are ordering too many. Or maybe that’s just how those ones are meant to be.

Not worth the investment, I’m afraid.

Quick Brown Fox

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