Red Mango panzarotti
Red Mango North Sydney, popular but the service is ordinary

In another post, I have whinged about the service at Red Mango in Greenwood Plaza, North Sydney. On this visit, it was clear things had not improved.

For goodness sakes, Red Mango, learn what it takes to offer good customer service. It means not being distracted but giving your customer whole-hearted attention. It means smiling and being pleasant. It means sounding like you are genuinely interested in helping the customer. It means not giving your customer the smallest possible coins in their change. I could have put those 5-cent pieces in the tip jar, but that would have been flattering the service.

Rant over. The doughnuts are good.

Red Mango panzarotti
No need to guess why there’s a big gap in the display case

On this visit, I got a Panzarotti, which is a filled doughnut, much like a turnover, or you could say a sweet version of a calzone. It originated in Southern Italy.

This one was filled with ricotta. I was asked, without much sincerity (still ranting, sorry), if I’d like it warmed up, and I said ‘no’.

Red Mango panzarotti
It may be ugly, but it tastes good

The panzarotti is quite large, not too oily, soft and delightfully chewy.

There was plenty of ricotta, which is a nice contrast to the pastry with its sugar coating.

Italian cooking, where would we be without you?

Red Mango