Alexander's Bakery Strawberry Jam Doughnut
It’s ugly, but delicious

One thing you wouldn’t expect from a Macedonian Bakery is a doughnut – actually I didn’t expect a Macedonian Bakery in the first place, but maybe my horizons aren’t broad enough. Having tasted their doughnuts, I pay Alexander’s at Miranda (hey, that rhymes) a regular visit.

Alexander’s Bakery has a wonderful array of sweet and savoury foods, although I wish things were displayed in a more hygienic way.

I had the Strawberry Jam Doughnut, and let me tell you it was delicious.

Alex 2xIt’s a chewy yeast doughnut in an absolutely morish way, filled to the brim with strawberry jam. They actually slice the doughnut in half and slap on loads of jam.

It has a half-coating of soft sugar on the top.

Strawberry Jam Doughnut, Alexander's Bakery, Miranda
They slice the doughnut and fill it with jam.

This is one of those doughnuts you won’t read about in the other so-called ‘Best Doughnuts’ articles, and that’s the very purpose of this blog. Because Alexander’s Bakery Strawberry Jam Doughnuts rate up there.

They’re ugly, but they’re terrific.

Alexander's Bakery, Miranda
Lots of good food at Alexander’s Bakery

Alexander’s Bakery