Alexander’s Bakery is spreading around the place. They seem to be at just about every market I visit these days – or is that my imagination?

I’ve had their doughnuts and cronuts several times before and this time I’m going to write about their one ostensibly called The Famous Jam Donut.

I’ve had one of these before – a long time ago. Here’s the link to when I got one from their Miranda store in the early days of their expansion.

I got this one recently from the markets at Kings Cross one Saturday morning.

I’ll make this observation first – whenever I see Alexander’s at markets, they are always one of the last to have their stock filled and ready to sell. Strange, but they just don’t seem to be in a hurry.

Anyway, to the things they sell.

The prices are quite reasonable, in my opinion. My huge jam doughnut cost only $5. And their other things seem quite reasonable as well.

The doughnut itself was okay without being outstanding.

I noticed two things that I wanted to mention.

Firstly, it was very oily. I understand that there are processes to perfect cooking, but it seemed a bit too oily.

The other thing was the choice of jam. I’m quite sure it was the jam that is actually apple puree that’s flavoured to look like strawberry jam. Seriously – is that necessary? Can’t real strawberry jam be used?

So, I have mixed feelings about this ‘famous’ doughnut.

By the way, I wish Alexander’s would update their Facebook page.

Alexander’s Bakery